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Philadelphia's Insurance Weight Loss Center

Losing weight fast in New York and Philadelphia

Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program Philadelphia

Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program Philadelphia

About half of all New Yorkers and over 65% of all Philadelphians are overweight or obese and up to one in three in Philadelphia are also dealing with the weight issues. 

While most doctors have nothing else to offer their overweight or obese patients other than to simply say “lose weight” as if their patients never look in the mirror, there is more to losing weight than to be simply told to lose weight.

  • What are the real issues that make a person gain weight?
  • Could there be a metabolic process that is making you gain weight such as insulin resistance?
  • What works and what really does not work for losing weight?
  • How many calories should one have per day in order to lose weight?
  • Are all calories the same?
  • What about FDA approved medications to curb appetite and lose weight?
  • Among the new weight loss medications, Belviq and Qsymia, which one works the best?
  • Are there doctors that are trained in the new field of obesity medicine?

To get answers to these and other weight and wellness related questions, the unique W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America’s weight loss and wellness programs in New York, Philadelphia and other places can help.

We get patients not only from the nearby areas but as far away as Dallas Texas to the New York City office as people are willing to travel to a reputed weight loss program that not just gives a weight loss pill but understands the true causes of weight gain and works with you to lose weight fast and effectively.

As most W8MD programs accept insurance for the visits, with minimal cost for delicious weight loss supplements, what do you have to lose besides your weight?

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Our farthest patient for weight loss comes from Nassau, Bahamas! Testimonials!

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