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Philadelphia's Insurance Weight Loss Center

Weight loss program Philadelphia

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss is a Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD insurance physician supervised medical weight loss and wellness program.


Did you know that 90% of all diabetes, 80% of cardiovascular Disease, and 60% of all cancers could be prevented through changes in life style and weight loss?

Weight loss program Philadelphia

  • According to the centers for disease control, 36% of all Adults 20 or over are obese and another 33% are in the overweight category.
  • And 35% of all adults have prediabetes, also called insulin Resistance or metabolic syndrome!

There is good news, however. Studies have shown that even a small amount of weight loss can lead to significant health Benefits and reduce the need for many long term medications.

Physician Supervised And Safe Weight Loss

W8MD Medical Weight Program is a physician supervised medical weight loss and Wellness program aimed at addressing the complex metabolic, Nutritional, hormonal, stress, and sleep related factors Under the careful supervision of a physician trained in the new Field of obesity medicine.

Accept Health Insurance For Medical Weight Loss

Unlike the many cash only weight loss clinics, most W8MD Medical weight loss centers accept health insurances for the weight loss physician visits so you can lose the weight safely and your insurance might pay for the weight loss physician visits.

Philadelphia W8MD weight loss success stories

Lisa and her daughter Erin’s transfomation

I wanted to share my daughters transformation. I found the Weight Loss Center in August(2014) and met with Dr. Tumpati. His W8MD weight loss program has been a huge success for my daughter and I. My daughter has lost 58 pounds and I am down 25 pounds, this has been the easiest weight loss we have tried.
My daughter is a high school senior and is very bright and preparing for college, I wanted to help her feel better about herself and excited about her senior year and prepare to go to college, this weight loss has transformed her, she is excited to get dressed and go to school, she has joined lots of different clubs, she is planning on going to the prom.
Dr. Tumpati, I can’t thank you enough for helping transformer my daughter into a much happier young lady and she looks amazing and also thanks for helping me lose 25 pounds I feel great.
The staff is so helpful, always easy to contact or reschedule appointments, just makes the process so much easier when you work with such helpful staff. – A very happy Mom and client

Watch Lisa and Erin’s weight loss success story on W8MD’s you tube weight loss channel.