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Philadelphia's Insurance Weight Loss Center

Weight loss supplements: facts or fiction?

  There are many products sold on the internet, stores, websites, and you see advertisements of these various “miracle weight loss products” all the time. You probably hear them on Radio, see them TV, print magazines, and every where you go. Have you wondered if they are fact or fiction? Here is a nice review […]

W8MD’s VLCD very low calorie diet for weight loss

W8MD’s VLCD very low calorie diet for weight loss With over 20,000 books written on this topic and so much misinformation, it takes a doctor trained in the field of obesity to carefully look at the evidence for any of these supplements and make recommendations on those that have evidence. What is a VLCD very […]

Low Carbohydrate and Low Glycemic Index Recipes

Low-carb and low-glycemic plans work best for weight loss!  Dieters have long been told that to lose weight, you simply need to cut calories. But new research suggests that some combinations of foods may burn more calories than others. When researchers compared a low-fat diet, a very low-carbohydrate diet and a low-glycemic-index diet, they found […]