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How to lose weight fast in Philadelphia with insurance?

4 Things to do lose weight fast in Philadelphia Did you know that you can lose weight in Philadelphia fast and safe under the care of a trained, and experienced W8MD(w’eight’MD) weight loss physicians and your insurance might cover for the physician supervised weight loss program? Philadelphia insurance weight loss program 1. Check your body mass index […]

WikiMD the free mdical encyclopedia editable only by medical professionals

WikiMD the free mdical encyclopedia editable only by medical professionals World’s largest wellness and weight loss encyclopedia If you are a medical professional or an expert in any field of medicine, please join us in building the world’s largest weight loss and wellness encyclopedia created by experts in the field, not by the crowd. One in every 3 Americans is insulin resistant leading to metabolic […]

Skin tags can be a sign of insulin resistance

Neck is a sign of health! Do you have skin tags, or darker or thicker areas called Acanthosis Nigricans. Acanthosis is a common condition that leads to upper body weight gain due to insulin resistance. Check if you might be insulin resistant using this free online tool called insulin resistance meter. 

What does Acanthosis Nigricans signify?

Acanthosis Nigricans is a dark or thick patch on your skin of the neck or other areas. Some people might also get skin tags. The underlying process that causes acanthosis is called insulin resistance, which is not only common but may also explain the weight gain, food cravings, especially for starchy foods, and may be […]

Is insulin resistance causing your weight gain?

 Acanthosis Nigricans Do you skin tags or darker or thicker lines on the neck? Do you have tummy fat or upper body weight? If you do, you may have insulin resistance that might be causing your weight gain. Use this free online tool called insulin resistance calculator to understand your metabolic risk”

Know your risk of diabetes

Know your risk of diabetes W8MD weight loss program is a physician supervised insurance medical weight loss program in New York City, Greater Philadelphia, and other places. Use this free online tool that can tell you if you are at risk for insulin resistance by answering a few simple questions. Insulin resistance, if not treated, […]

Causes of belly fat weight gain

Causes of belly fat weight gain If you have excess weight especially around your tummy area, you may have an underlying metabolic process called insulin resistance that might be contributing to your weight gain, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, a practicing obesity medicine physician and of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America. Studies […]

Reduce risk of diabetes with weight loss

Reduce risk of diabetes with weight loss Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes: Ditch the Food Pyramid and Change to Low Glycemic Index Foods with Adequate Protein 08/09/2012 07:09:00Prab_R_Tumpati_Md Font size: In May 2011, the USDA released a graphic called “My Plate” to help people choose what foods to eat. This new guideline is meant to replace […]

The three things that cause weight gain and ways to reverse them – secrets revealed by a weight loss doctor

  The Three Must Know Facts About Our Diet – Secrets Revealed By A Weight Loss Doctor “Let Food Be Your Medicine, Medicine Be Your Food” – Hipporcrates   Here are three things that happened to the modern diet that contribute to the high levels of inflammation that we currently see in the population at […]

Understanding weight loss terms and their meaning

A-Z Glossary of weight loss terms for understanding the commonly used terms in weight loss. A Adipose tissue (add-ih-POSE) Fat tissue in the body. B Bariatric surgery (bear-ee-AT-ric) Also known as gastrointestinal surgery. Surgery on the stomach and/or intestines to help patients with extreme obesity to lose weight. Bariatric surgery is a weight-loss method used […]