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Contrave for weight loss Philadelphia

Contrave, the new kid on the block for weight loss drugs, is now available through many local pharmacies unlike the one centralized pharmacy called Completecare pharmacy before.

They apparently had so much response to this new medication that it overwhelmed the Complete care pharmacy they were using before.

We were told at W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America that those patients that could not get Contrave via complete care will get a free one month voucher and they can get the prescription filled locally.

We hope that the distributor in USA, Takeida Pharmaceuticals, gets over the start up hiccups soon and start focussing on making this new tool for losing weight easily available!

Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program Philadelphia

Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program Philadelphia

W8MD is proud to offer Contrave as one of the options for helping patients lose weight in its offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. THe following are just some of the questions we can answer and offer Contrave if medically appropriate!

  • Is contrave right for you to lose weight in Philadelphia?
  • Where can you get a prescription for the popular new weight loss drug Contrave in Philadelphia?
  • What is the cost of Contrave?
  • Where to get the Contrave Complete Card or Coupon for Contrave?

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