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Stop blaming the victim for obesity

Why blaming the victim for obesity is blaming the victim? Did we fail in our understanding what causes the weight gain? Why did the food guide pyramid fail? Why we misunderstood the cause and effect of weight gain – instead of understanding the true causes of weight gain, we just blame the patient or victim! […]

Before and after weight loss Philadelphia

Before and after weight loss of about 90 pounds with w8md medical weight loss centers of America’s program. Weight loss before and after pictures Philadelphia Stop Blaming The Victim For Obesity! The United States leads the world in many areas; unfortunately, obesity is one of them. Overweight children and adults are stereotyped as lazy, unmotivated […]

Philadelphia obesity help

How is obesity affecting Philadelphia? What percentage of greater Philadelphia residents are either overweight or obese? What are the health risks associated with being overweight or obese in Philadelphia? what are the 50 different medical problems related to obesity? What are the benefits of losing weight in Philadelphia? Nationwide, about one in three adults are […]