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Weight loss programs in Philadelphia

Are you searching for any of the following weight loss services?

If you are searching online for ways to lose weight quickly, you are not alone. Research shows that up to 50 percent of Americans search online for ways to lose weight. These are some of the common weight loss related search terms that people use to find a weight loss solution.

Weight loss programs in Philadelphia

  • What are the best weight loss programs in Philadelphia?
  • Where can I find a weight loss program that accepts my insurance?
  • What weight loss programs are evidence based in Philadelphia instead of fad diets?
  • What are the weight loss programs that work for losing weight fast in Philadelphia?

Causes of weight gain Philadelphia

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD – a practicing obesity medicine doctor and founder of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Of America, the safest and best way to lose weight is to understand the factors contributing to your weight gain and work with a physician well versed in these factors.

There are many complex factors ranging from metabolic factors such as insulin resistance, hormonal factors such as hormone imbalances, emotional factors, nutritional deficiencies, food addiction, medications, genetics, and eating habits that contribute to your weight gain.

Obesity is a medical condition

The World Health Organization recognized Obesity as a medical condition since 1979 and increasingly, private health insurances, physicians, health care organizations are recognizing Obesity as a medical condition

How did we get here?

Read the three things that happened to our diet that contributes to our weight gain including insulin resistance, lack of polyphenols, and the ratio of omega three to omega 6.

How can W8MD’s weight loss program in Philadelphia help?
Losing weight is never easy. Before you start a diet, talk to your doctor or nurse about a healthy weight-loss plan that’s right for you.

Insurance coverage for weight loss in Philadelphia

And if you have health insurance, you may want to find a weight loss physician that accepts your health insurance so you can lose weight and your insurance pays for these visits!

Screening and counseling for obesity are covered under the Affordable Care Act and W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers is among the first to accept health insurance for the essential weight loss, obesity screening and prevention services.

Weight loss options Philadelphia

Before and after weight loss Philadelphia

Think W8MD for weight loss in Philadelphia

Under the careful medical supervision of our medical director with a fellowship training in Obesity Medicine, Dr Prab R. Tumpati has helped hundreds of patients lose weight safely and effectively using evidence based methods.

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Weight loss doctor Philadelphia

What makes our weight loss program in Philadelphia unique?

Our weight loss program in Philadelphia is unique in many ways

We offer proven weight loss measures including

  1. low calorie and very low calorie diets starting from 800 calories and up using delicious and affordable W8MD weight loss protein supplements such as protein shakes, protein powder, protein bars, protein meal replacements for rapid weight loss
  2. prescription weight loss medications or diet pills to suppress hunger, and increase metabolism for fast weight loss results in Philadelphia
  3. physician supervised weight loss for safe and effective weight loss results in greater Philadelphia area
  4. no surgery or invasive procedures involved for weight loss
  5. guidance on exercises for weight loss
  6. correction of the various causes of weight gain including insulin resistance that causes upper body weight gain, sugar cravings, and overeating, sleep problems, medications, stress, hormonal imbalances, slow metabolism etc.
  7. check out our before and after weight loss pictures Philadelphia and weight loss success stories

Weight loss supplements Philadelphia

Before and after weight loss Philadelphia

Before and after weight loss Philadelphia

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Our farthest patient for weight loss comes from Nassau, Bahamas! Testimonials!

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Our farthest patient for help losing weight comes from Delaware! Testimonials

Call W8MD at 1(800)W8MD-007  to learn more. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to get these services at no cost to you.