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Finding the best primary care doctor


Why is it so hard to find a good primary care physician in Philadelphia?

Here are some answers!

According to a 2009 report by the New England Healthcare Institute, there is an increased demand on primary care by older, sicker patients and decreased supply of primary care practitioners leading to a crisis in primary care delivery.

Obamacare and primary care!

President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law in 2010 which has further expanded the health insurance coverage which needed even more primary care physicians!

Poorly paid!

In a 2010 national study of physician wages conducted by the UC Davis Health System found that specialists are paid as much as 52 percent more than primary care physicians!

On an average, primary care physicians earn only about $60.48 per hour while specialists on average earn $88.00 which makes primary care a less attractive choice for medical school graduates.

It is no wonder that in 2011, of about 17,000 doctors graduated from American medical schools and only about 7 percent of graduates chose a career in primary care.

Aging physicians

The average age of a primary care physician in the United States is 47 years old, and one quarter of all primary care physicians are nearing retirement!

About 50 years ago roughly half of the physicians in America practiced primary care; today, fewer than one third of them do.

Seeing the need for providing primary care, W8MD medical weight loss centers of America also offers primary care services at most centers with a focus on prevention.

As obesity and metabolic disorders associated with obesity amount to a significant burden on an individual’s health, treating obesity has the potential to impact over 50 different medical problems.

The following W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers offer primary care services and are accepting new patients currently!

Weight loss doctor Philadelphia

Weight loss doctor Philadelphia

We accept most insurances including Medicare, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Personal Choice, Medicare, Key Stone Health Plan East (Pennsylvania), GHI (New York), United Health Care, Tricare, Key Stone First, Fidelis, 1199 to name a few.

For a limited time, we are accepting new patients for Primary Care, Sleep Disorders, and Medical Weight Loss with offices in North East Philadelphia and King Of Prussia, PA. Call 215-676-2334 to book an appointment!

Pennsylvania primary care, sleep and weight loss

Why most of our primary care doctors fail in preventive care?

Although over 50 different medical problems that are commonly seen in primary care are prevented by helping patients lose weight, most primary care physicians receive little or no education at all in helping their overweight or obese patients lose weight other than simply tell them to lose weight or worse, yell at their patients for gaining weight as if it is their fault they are gaining weight.

Stop blaming the victims!

This strategy of blaming the patient for weight gain is rooted in our misunderstanding of the true causes of weight gain, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, a leading primary care doctor in Philadelphia with a focus on prevention through weight loss!

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